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"...Creative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas."

  1. 17.10.2022
    AI Art Is Real Art
    Synthesis and beauty makes art, not just the artist.

  2. 06.06.2022
    To Teach or To Paint
    A common plight one faces as a craftsman.

  3. 25.08.2020
    Triple Buffered Painters
    Useful metaphor for buffering/rendering/switching canvases.

  4. 19.02.2020
    STEM, STEAM and Art
    Arts should not be grouped with the sciences.

  5. 31.12.2019
  6. 07.10.2019
    3D & 2D - The Demarcation
    Exploring the two.

  7. 05.07.2014
    Jack Hamm on (Artistic) Practice
    On the virtues of practice (and of what/how to).

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