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"...Any plurality of persons considered as a whole. Used in politics and law it is a term to refer to the collective or community of an ethnic group, a nation, to the public or common mass of people of a polity."

  1. 04.01.2023
    Newton's Commonplace Beginnings
    Isaac Newton's use of waste paper to learn and progress.

  2. 15.06.2022
    Prepackaged Thought Cassettes
    Think. If you don't, someone will, for you.

  3. 30.04.2022
    Masters of A Fraction of A Dot
    When be you so consumed with winning, above all else.

  4. 13.08.2020
    Twitter Inspires Carmack
    Get raged, or get inspired.

  5. 23.08.2018
    Darwin's Details
    Science (and the devil) is in the details.

  6. 22.08.2018
    Heinrich Schliemann's Learning Method
    Dedication and perseverance beyond the average.

  7. 19.08.2018
    Saunter Not
    Ne'er a time for sauntering.

  8. 09.07.2016
    The Lawgiving Coder
    Coders as creators of universes and law.

  9. 03.01.2016
    Creators And Their Gems (Polished or Otherwise)
    Not all work will turn out gems.

  10. 21.12.2015
    Emails and English Weather
    The English sure love their weather.

  11. 12.07.2015
    José Mujica's Humility
    Being both high and low.

  12. 20.06.2015
    Mike Tyson on (His) Lawyers
    As a lawyer, become your client.

  13. 15.06.2015
    Supposedly Cultivated Tastes
    The condescending and insecure feel superior by rejecting what others like.

  14. 18.07.2014
    Keep Learning Songs
    Learn songs like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  15. 07.07.2014
    If I Cannot Strengthen Our Bench
    ...Then I shall certainly do nothing to weaken it.

  16. 24.08.2010
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