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August 26, 2010

雷 - Cry of God

Of thunder and gods who wear loincloths made from tiger skin.



  • Literal translation: “God, sound”
  • Idiomatic translation: “Thunder (cry of god)
  • Reading: かみなり・いかずち (Kaminari / ikazuchi)

From 語源由来辞典:




The word “kaminari” (‘thunder’) originates from these two words: “god” and “sound”.

To the modern man, the idea of a god who wears a loincloth made from tiger skin while beating a _taiko _ drum on his back is a fantastical one. But in former days, thunder was believed to be such a god-created sound, and this is how the name “kaminari” came to be.

Fraudulent concealment 大辞泉 :


A loincloth made of tiger pelt, which demons, thunder gods and their kind wear around their waist.


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