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August 14, 2010

百花繚乱 - A Hundred Flowers Blossom Riotously

Of flowers, people and feats.




Meaning / Translation

  • Literal: “Hundred flowers, putting on, riot”
  • Idiomatic: “A hundred flowers blossoming in riotous profusion”
  • Reading: ひゃっか-りょうらん (Hyakka ryouran)

From 新明解四字熟語辞典 :


“A hundred flowers” (百花) refers to the flowers that are many and various.

In short, it refers to when distinguished people appear en masse to accomplish many great feats within a certain time period.

“Profusion” (繚乱) refers to the state of many flowers blooming, as derived from the beautiful but ephemeral sight of flowers blooming in unison.


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