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August 20, 2010

堰かれて募る恋の情 - Love Laughs at Locksmiths

Of love, laughs and locks.




“Love laughs at locksmiths.”

“Love laughs at locksmiths” was actually coined by Shakespeare, in Venus and Adonis. The phrase is ever-cryptic if taken out of context. (I had no idea what it meant until I discovered the source text.)

See the origins:

When he did frown, O, had she then gave over,
Such nectar from his lips she had not suck’d.
Foul words and frowns must not repel a lover;
What though the rose have prickles, yet ‘tis pluck’d:
Were beauty under twenty locks kept fast,
Yet love breaks through and picks them all at last.


  • Literal: “Feelings of love are aggravated when hindered”
  • Idiomatic: “Love laughs at locksmiths” (新和英大辞典第5版)
  • Reading: せからてつのるこいのじょう(Sekarete tsunoru koi no jou)

From ことわざ辞典:


A man and woman in love shall only yearn and miss each other all the more fiercely when someone comes between them.


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