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August 22, 2010

柿が赤くなると医者が青くなる - Redder Persimmons, Darker Blue Doctors

Of inverse relations between persimmons and doctors.




Meaning / Translation

  • Literal: “If the persimmons become red, doctors become blue”
  • Idiomatic: “As the persimmons redden, doctors turn a darker shade of blue”
  • Reading: かきがあかくなるといしゃがあおくなる (Kaki ga akaku naru to isha ga aoku ni naru)

From 広辞苑:


Reddening persimmons signify autumn, a season of good weather. As less people fall ill during such times, doctors lose business and thus turn a greater shade of ‘blue’. This saying is used to describe the pleasantness of autumn weather.

From ことわざ学習室:


This saying does not specifically refer to persimmon trees.

Orange trees, citrus trees and the like bear fruits and change colours in autumn; as bounty is plentiful, the season is easier to pass and fewer people become sick. This saying is used to describe autumnal tranquility.

The saying perhaps makes more sense once compared: refrigerators did not exist in times past, so foods were quick to rot during hot summers, causing many to suffer from food poisoning. It is noted that (autumn) foods are rich with Vitamin C.

An equivalent saying also exists: “When citruses turns red, doctors turn blue”.


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