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June 13, 2012

GlaDOS Wakes Up

Portal's dark humour is outstanding.


From Portal 2.


Wheatley, the robotic eye infused with an AI and an English accent, asks you:

“…Why should I be kept informed about the life functions of the ten thousand bloody test subjects I’m supposed to be in charge of?”

What really makes Portal’s humour so… Portal, is GlaDOS, an AI, whose taunts and backhanded compliments range from contemptuous, to sinister, to downright degrading, as it forces you to solve numerous near-fatal ‘experiments’, and, while you’re at it, taunting you every step of the way with its innocent voice.

Some terrifying things:

  1. Being lost and alone in the labyrinthine ruins of a once-glorious, now godforsaken science laboratory.

  2. Being stuck in that laboratory with GlaDOS.


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