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November 28, 2013

ケチ - Scroogean Niggardliness

Of parsimonious misers.



Meaning / Translation

  • Translation: “Miserliness/stinginess”
  • Reading: ケチ (Kechi)

Source: 語源由来辞典:



The etymological basis for ケチ (‘kechi’) is similar to that of ‘kechi ga tsukuru’ and ‘kechi ga tsuku’, in that it is a phonetic corruption from 怪事 (keji), which means ominousness or ominous things, to ケチ (‘kechi’).

After the Edo era, ‘kechi’ took on the meaning of ‘crudeness, impoverishment’, ‘lowliness’ and the sort, which then led to it taking on its modern meaning.


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