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February 16, 2014

Don't Care Too Much About Gear

You don't need thousands of dollars to sound awesome.

Does more expensive gear matter? Marty Friedman’s thoughts:

Keep stuff simple — get a simple rig. It’s perfect that we’re talking about BOSS, because BOSS is simple gear. There’s a lot of really cool gear out there that’s complicated, but it’s just going to bum you out. Get stuff that’s basic, tried-and-true, quality stuff, and it will give you more energy to play. If you spend all your time twiddling knobs and stuff, that’s energy taken away from creating music, so keep your gear simple and keep your guitar simple. There’s nothing lamer than some guitar with a bunch of knobs on it and 50 toggle switches and all this useless stuff. All the time you spend learning how to work all that stuff should be time you’re dedicating to making music and creating something new.

And play all the time, play music at any possible chance that you have. Anytime you’re invited to play something, do it. Anytime you have a chance to jam with another musician, do it. Especially if you think that musician is good, because then you’ll hopefully learn something by jamming with them. Always be jamming—don’t sit around noodling in front of the TV. If you’re playing, have a purpose. But always play, and play with other people as much as possible. That’s the best advice I can give you.

And this:

Lelio: Do you have a favorite piece of gear you always have to have, like a guitar, a pedal or a microphone?

Marty Friedman: I don’t care about gear. As long as it works, I like it.


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