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June 18, 2015

Crisp Tweets

Twitter's 140-character limit forces you to write crisply.

Twitter’s artificial character constraint is a boon. Some thoughts on how this improves your writing:

  1. Lexicon/voice. To minimize character usage, I often have to shift to the active voice, remove nominalizations, or consult a thesaurus to obtain pithier words that equally or better describe a thought.

  2. Forced precision. Good writers are exact and accurate in their use of language. Twitter is superb practice: it forces you to set down your key ideas with clarity, always.

  3. Less regrets. It’s easy to ramble. But it’s hard to write concisely – you have to think.

  4. Laconic phrases. If the community of comedians, scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers can express deep, witty, sharp and lucid thoughts in 140-characters, so can you.


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