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May 20, 2020

A Programmer & His Mechanical Friend

Harder isn't necessarily better.

There’s a culture in programming that the harder {Compiled, Static, Typed} are ‘better’ or somehow much more of a ‘manly’ way to program because programming in those languages reads more like a battle with the compiler rather than a quiet discussion between a programmer and his mechanical friend.

What people forget is that; the aforementioned languages, whilst granting enormous speed benefits, are detrimental to programmer productivity.

People also forget that there isn’t a single language in this domain that solves all problems perfectly. Have you tried making a sanely concurrent networked application in Python? Using the stdlib? Have you tried the same in Go?

Programmers should never say “I am a C++ programmer” or similar, they should say “I am a programmer” and pick the right tool for the job. In other parlance, if every tool in your box is a hammer, every job looks like a nail.

- Source: Reddit


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