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June 1, 2020

Notes Transcending Us

Togetherness through music.

My experience over the years with musicians is in general they tend to be cooperation minded, because so much of the activity is dependent on working in groups, mentorship, and community. People who learn music history and theory also tend to be academically oriented which further encourages prosocial behavior and being higher in openness. I can’t speak for everyone, but I tend to feel a strong sense of solidarity with musicians that transcends a lot of divisions in society.

The things I encountered that tended to be toxic were concerning egocentricity, but deep in the DNA of music there’s forces that tend to insulate against that rooted in the underlying religious and spiritual origins of the knowledge and tradition.

When I think about how to explain the mentality to people I point to Bach’s signature he’d use to anonymously attribute works, “soli deo gloria,” “all glory to god” and it grounds me in what this is about, we are caretakers and interpreters of something that transcends the individual, and we all draw from the vast knowledge and work of those before us, and work to leave something for those after us, unpretentiously, not for the aggrandizement of man, but for what is greater then the individual. Just a thought.

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