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April 7, 2021

Harangued Commitments

One should love the exasperated tone of the bench here.

See In Re Ordinance No 101 (Courts) And In Re A Solicitor [1933] 2 MLJ 147:

… The Respondent before us made a long and confused harangue for about two hours. In despair, we suggested that he might cease addressing the Court and write down possibly with somebody’s assistance, what points he considered to be in his favour. The Respondent and Mr. Hume, to the great relief of the Court, agreed to this course. These points were in due course sent to us by the Respondent and we have carefully considered them.

You see now why we modern-day counsel must suffer the tyranny of written submissions. We all pay - greatly - for the sins of past counsel who stood at the bar (and then rambled).

These days, most benches begrudge you even 15 minutes. But here: two hours of listening.

Such commitment to natural justice.


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