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Of Witchers By Trade

Being witnesses of truth.

... I, the undersigned George of Kagen, a witcher by trade, testify as follows.

While traveling through Velen I received summons to provide professional testimony in the matter of the accused Bartoslav of Luvfield.

This Bartoslav stands accused of causing several shipwrecks near the lighthouse which it is his duty to keep. Ships led astray by errant signals from his lighthouse have repeatedly smashed against rocks near the shore, and the lighthouse keeper is held to be responsible for this state of affairs. During the trial Bartoslav testified that he was diligent in the fulfillment of his duties and that the accidents were caused by nightwraiths deceiving sailors with their false glow.

Having investigated the area, I can testify that I found no trace of nightwraith activity. There are likewise no signs of noonwraiths, mamunes, errnymphs or any other specters in the habit of misleading weary travelers journeying by foot, sea or horse.

I did, however, find the catastrophes' true cause. They were not at the fault of the nightwraiths blamed by the accused, but neither were they the fault of the lighthouse keeper himself. The accidents were caused by local hooligans who have taken to lighting fires on the hill at night and then robbing the ships that subsequently wreck upon the shore. I was put on their trail by Bartoslav's son,who showed me the ashes from their misleading fires.

My testimony shows that the lighthouse keeper Bartoslav of Luvfield is not guilty of the crimes of which he stands accused and should be freed. I also humbly ask for the bailiff to put the lighthouse keeper and his family under his protection, for in light of the revelations Bartoslav's son led me to discover, there will surely be certain parties with cause for vengeance. I cannot undertake the task of protecting the family myself, for I have accepted a contract to kill a dragon said to be lurking atop the Crookback Hills and so must return there posthaste to kill the beast and complete my task.

Signed: George of Kagen, witcher

Transcribed by Vicenzo Stock, marshal to the royal prefecture in Gors Velen

Loved George's testimony as a 'witcher by trade', who upon receipt of summons comes to the defence of the accused lighthouse guardian.

He sounds absolutely like what I imagine a witness of truth should sound like in court. Taking sides with no one, but the truth.

Feels honourable.

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